25 April 2009

Sunny slacker Saturday

Today is Saturday and it is sunny. I'm happy to see the sun again because it snowed yesterday. Yes, the white cold stuff. It was kind of crazy since Thursday was sunny and 80°F, then on Friday it snowed.

In honor of the warn sunshine, today while doing laundry I rigged up a temporary clothes line by tying string between the supports of our backyard arbor. I hung our sheets to dry in the sun and hung the comforter to fluff up in the breeze. I think they'll smell great when we crawl into bed tonight.

With all the spring to-do's around the house I've been a quilting slacker. So until I finish the quilt that I'm currently quilting, I'll show off some of my past projects.

This one is definitely my (ahem) brightest creation. The pattern is from this book (one of my favorites). It's a large throw ... about 57x72 inches. The blocks are 8 inches (8.5 with seam allowance).

I think I made it in 2005. Unfortunately, I didn't label it (bad bad bad) so I'm not sure exactly when it was made. This quilt is kinda funny - some people see it and like it and others think it's rather ugly. I like that about it. 

I'm going to get back to quilting this afternoon so hopefully I'll have something new to show off soon.

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Cheryl Arkison said...

I love that quilt! Silly folks who don't like it.