04 April 2009

Just another Saturday ...

You know ... like every weekend ... moving sandbags and having my art displayed.

It's a strange day for sure.

My quilt, Six Crosses, is on display today at the Artists Celebrating Christ Art Show.

It's flattering being part of the show. There are so many amazing pieces of artwork and my little Six Crosses quilt is hanging out with them. I think that's neat.

Corey is busy removing our sand bag wall. The Missouri River is back to it's normal level (finally) and we're told that there is no longer a threat of flooding. Luckily, we know two folks who want the sand in our sand bags, so Corey helps them load them up and they get free sandbags. What a deal :) Turns out we had a lot of sand bags - six truck loads full.


Speaking of sand bags - check out this blog that does a great job comparing the Fargo sand bag effort to the space that they make up. It's really neat.

I'm slowly getting my quilt room put back together. I'm super anxious to get back to quilting.

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Don said...

Your link is to an amazing visualization of how many sand bags were used. And then at the bottom, consider the real number of sand bags across the state of North Dakota and Minnesota! Three times or more?