12 April 2009

Come Hell or High Water

I'll post a Easter weekend wrap up soon, but before I do, I must caution everyone against watching "Come Hell or High Water."

Tonight, Corey and I decided to relax and unwind by watching a rental movie. We each picked one - I picked "Chronicles of Narnia" and Corey picked "Come Hell or High Water." We decided to watch Corey's movie tonight ... or shall I say we decided to attempt to watch it. 

It's supposed to be a western. Corey's on a western kick so he was pretty excited to see it. First,  it is labeled as a BluRay DVD but it's worse quality then most regular DVDs. Secondly, the acting and story are on par with a low-budget high school play (no offense to high school plays, but when I rent a DVD I expect a bit more, ya know?). Seriously. It's so horrible. We only got about 17 minutes into the movie before turning it off. Please, I beg you, don't waste your money.

We were both wondering if maybe the disc got switched with another one or if we were being punked. So I did some googling.

The reviews are quite entertaining. This one cracks me up. I totally agree.

Good to know we're not the only ones who think this movie stinks.

P.S. this weekend was AWESOME!!!

P.S.S. yes, we still have snow.

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