20 April 2009

Easter 2009

After reading the wonderfully thoughtful comments about my Six Crosses quilt, I realized that I never posted about Easter and my confirmation.

I could never even begin to explain and describe all the wonderful details of the day so I'll try and touch on a few of the highlights.

The Mass when I became an official member of the Catholic community was at 9 pm on Saturday, April 11. That afternoon and evening, Corey and I hosted an open house at our home. It was a great evening of fun and celebration. Thank you to all our friends and family who joined us (and helped prepare food). At about 8:30 pm, we headed to the church. It was fairly mild outside, so Corey and I walked - it was such a peaceful and relaxing journey to church. 

I was one of five people being confirmed at the service. The Holy Saturday Catholic Mass consists of many different parts and was about two hours long at our church. It was a beautiful Mass - lots of candles, lots of singing, blessing of the Holy Water and fire. After Mass, Ascension Parish (our church) hosted a breakfast (yes, at 11 pm). Although it was well past my bedtime, it was lots of fun.

This was such a special day and one that I will remember for the rest of my life.

I have to apologize - I was so busy that day I forgot to take any photos. Thanks to my bonus mom, Andrea for snapping a few for me :)

Easter 09 013
Before Mass: my Grandparents (Darwin and Irene), my sister (Caitlyn), me, and Corey

Easter 09 015
At breakfast: my bonus parents (Corey's parents - Andrea and Gary), me, and Corey

Easter 09 016
At breakfast: my grandparent's best friends (Rick and Rosemary), me, and Corey


Moneik said...

What an exciting time! You all look so happy.

Jessica said...

Thanks for posting this, I've been waiting to hear about it.

Love your skirt, did you make it? I only ask because it matches your quilt :)

Bison Girl said...

Haha it does match doesn't it?! No, I didn't make it - it was a Target special :)