20 September 2009

A pillow for the nursery

I made the first piece of nursery paraphernalia this weekend.

A pillow made from my favorite fabric selvages. I've been saving these selvages for a long time and I'm so excited to finally use them.

Since we don't know if the baby is a boy or girl, yet, it's a gender-neutral pillow.

You can barely see them, but that yellow fabric has white bunnies on it - definitely one of my favorites!

I quilted the front and back of the pillow cover by attaching an extra layer of white fabric behind each piece of pillow cover, and quilting the layers together. The back of the pillow is has the "pocket" to access the pillow and is solid white. The pillow os 14x14 inches.


Also this weekend, I finished the back to the nine-patch quilt. It's cute but nothing to write home about, so I'll just keep up the suspense until I have a "totally done" photo. I've decided to send the quilt to the long-arm quilter since I am super duper intimidated about quilting it myself.

13 September 2009

Keepin' it clean

I made four more bibs this weekend.

Two with camping/bugs. I cut the fabric wrong, so one ended up with an orange stripe through the camping fabric. I kinda like it with the extra flair.

And I made two with caterpillars and green with polka dots.

This baby is going to be clean!

09 September 2009

oooh baby!

Wondering why I've been a slacker blogger lately?

The short story: I've been sick and tired.
The whole story: I'm pregnant!
We're due April 1, 2010. I'm 11 weeks along, as of today. Corey and I are so excited!

We recently visited friends and family in Montana ...

and while there I did a bit of fabric shopping ... these are from in Kalispell and Whitefish, MT.

These two are from Big Fork, MT ... I'm thinking they'd make a nice backing for this quilt.

I couldn't pass this up. Also from Big Fork, MT.

For the first time in my life, I shopped for baby fabric - for myself! It was such a neat experience. I had a plan for these flannel fat quarters. From Kalispell, MT.

Baby bibs!
Thanks to our friends Marty and Kelly for letting me trace their baby's bib for a pattern. These are so fun to make and they're super soft. Made of 100 percent cotton flannel, reversible, and secured with soft velcro, they are just too cute for words. I added a little ric-rac/ribbon tag on the side, just for fun.