22 April 2009

Just keep quilting ... just keep quilting ...


I'm busy quilting good 'ol "red white and black all over." I'm quilting it with straight-line spirals in each block. I think it'll look pretty cool when it's done. I'm about 30 percent finished with the quilting.

It never fails. At this point in finishing a quilt I get super excited to start the next one. I'm thinking about a fun spring colors quilt. Maybe greens, blues and pinks. Lately I've seen lots of quilts with a similar design to this. Some have white borders (as that one does) and some don't. I like the simplicity and how it displays fabric well. I can't wait to get started!



In weather news - I mowed our lawn today (the first time it has been mowed this year). It wasn't really 'lawn' per-se, but rather a bunch of dead grass, lots and lots of dust, and some leaves. But, its gotta start somewhere. Some day soon it'll be fresh and green. 

That's yet another interesting thing about living in North Dakota (or I suppose anywhere where the winters are long and cold). Every winter, the grass in North Dakota becomes completely dormant, or as I say, it dies. In the spring, the grass grows back and is what I call "baby grass" — it's soft, new and bright green. Compared to my parents' lawn in Northern California, which grows year-round, ours is very different. I won't pretend to know all about the varieties of grass, but I assume they are also quite different.

Okay enough of my lawn ramblings. I guess I'm just excited it's not snowing.

Happy spring!


Anonymous said...

Less lawn more quilt talk! J.

Don Hendricks said...

I mentioned your blog on my blog this evening in relation to your weather and mine in AZ. Check it out. Congrats on your confirmation last week as well.

Don in AZ

Stephanie D. said...

Oh, I'm with you--this warm weather has me itching to get out and "play in the dirt". With all the rain we've had this month (as opposed to last year's drought), our lawn has had to be mown twice already. I'm loving all this green!