14 April 2009

Going ... going ... almost gone

before after - April 13
It's another "hot" day again today (it was in the mid 60s yesterday). Will there be any snow left this evening?

I can't describe how wonderful the sunshine feels. After work yesterday I got into my car, and for the first time since September, it was warmer inside my car than outside it. I sat there for a few minutes just soaking up the heat.


In Bismarck (and I assume most northern midwest cities and towns), when spring hits, it's as if the town wakes up from a long hibernation. Yesterday, everywhere I went I saw sidewalks crowded with people walking, running, and biking. Kids finally getting a chance to ride their Christmas bicycles. People raking the fall leaves that got trapped under mountains of snow. Neighbors trying to figure out what to do with all their sandbags. Yes, the city is finally awake!

On Easter morning I woke up to the sound of birds. I was instantly happy for the rest of the day.

I was walking around our yard yesterday and was baffled at how flat and empty our lawn looks. It reminded me of the feeling after removing a big piece of furniture from a room and the amazement of the space that is created. I had this feeling. Now that most of the snow has melted, and our grass is matted down (and is a very ugly shade of brown), our yard looks very peculiar. It's so flat! Like something missing. Hmm. I think I prefer it this way.

Today we're in the low 70s, with a clear blue sky, and a light breeze. Simply beautiful. This temperature puts us about 10 degrees above the high temperature today in Santa Rosa, CA. Ha ha. Go figure.


It's (obviously) easy for me to get wrapped up in the fun and joy of warm weather, but all the while I can't help but pray for the thousands of people in North Dakota that are still very much affected by the flooding. I can't even begin to try to list all the communities ... but I'll try ... Valley City, ND, evacuated about half of the homes, including my bonus brother Andrew; Linton, ND is in danger of flooding again; so is Beulah, ND; Apple Creek (in Bismarck) is well over its banks and is threatening many homes and had closed quite a few roads; homes in Minot have been threatened by the river there; the interstate was closed (again) from Bismarck to Jamestown and is flooded in many areas; Fargo is expected to have another river crest ....

See what I mean? It's crazy. And very sad.

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