19 April 2009

Porch swing makeover

One of the best decisions I ever made: purchase a house with a porch. 

I love our front porch. A few years ago, my dad and grandpa helped me install a porch swing. I had always wanted a porch swing but I wasn't quite sure why. Now I definitely know why. 

Sitting on a porch swing is incredibly relaxing and also quite fun. Every little kid that come up to our porch asks to sit on the swing. It's neat. Our porch is covered and sheltered on two sides, so it's the perfect way to enjoy being outside without getting sunburned or windblown. It's also fun to sit on it during a thunderstorm - a great storm watching spot.


Anyway, as you can probably imagine, yet another reason I'm excited for spring and summer is because I can sit on the porch swing. This weekend I cleaned up the swing since it had gotten quite dirty being out in the elements all winter. Today I put the seat cushion on. 

Hmph. The seat cushion just didn't do it for me.

So I recovered it.

Added bonus: I got a steal on all-weather clearance fabric at Joann's today. 

I made it a pocket cover, so it is easily removable and washable. I may add buttons to this side later.

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Stephanie D. said...

I've lived in several homes with front porches and swings and I have great memories of them. This house doesn't have a front porch, but it does have a back porch, and though I don't have a swing, I do have a glider rocker and enjoy it almost as much.