16 April 2009

Pillows and food: a lovely pair

There's a designer (Orla Kiely) who just so happens to make some great fabrics (and clothes and dishes and purses) and just so happens to have a beautiful line of dishtowels at Target that (just so conveniently) can be sewn together to make beautiful throw pillow covers. 

Just my kind of project.

So ... I bought the dish towels (one pair makes one 14x14 inch pillow). And followed this pattern (pdf).

And viola!
The front is the green/white/brown pear fabric, the back is the solid green pear fabric.
Orla Kiely makes other dish towel designs but these matched our living room the best.

The pattern is very easy and very fast - I made two covers in about an hour.

While I was sewing, my mom called and told me about a great article in the May 2o09 issue of Bon App├ętit magazine. 
I just so happen to have a subscription to that magazine (pure luck - I only get three magazines - two about quilting and this one). 

Anyway ... there's a great article in it about the best things to eat and drink in each state. 

Let's check out North Dakota.

This is so exciting!
It says "what to buy: chocolate covered potato chips from Carol Wideman's Candy Co." I have to agree with this. I've had them and they are good. And I don't even like chocolate. It continues with "what to eat: knoephla soup at Fried's Family Restaurant." The sky is falling! Fried's! Little old Fried's - in a real live MAGAZINE! What is this world coming to?!

I love eating at Fried's. If you've been to Fried's, you know. Fried's is a very hometown type of diner with a super casual trucker/farmer like client base. The "ambience" (if you can call it that) is country crafty and the food ... oh the food. Let's just say I really like this place. This is the prime example of a locals hangout - except that many of the locals don't even know about it. I guess it's more of a neighborhood thing? I only know about it because my grandparents live about a block away. And yes, the review is right - the knoephla soup is excellent. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Unfortunately, this fall Fried's had a pipe break and the restaurant flooded. They've been closed ever since - but word on the street is that they will be opening soon. I can hardly wait. Yippee Fried's!

Oh, and it's pronounced free'd not fry'd :)


jacquie said...

ooooh, the pillows are great. So glad the tutorial worked for you!

Bison Girl said...

Yes thanks you! Your pattern/tutorial was fool proof :) I think I'll try to make a third pillow with the scraps from the first two.

Jessica said...

We loved the food at Frieds, how exciting that they are in Bon Apetit!

And those pillows are gorgeous.