29 April 2009

Join in the fun - it's a quilt along

As if I don't have enough quilting projects going right now, I decided to join Amanda's nine-patch quilt along (crazymomquilts). I think it will be very manageable - only one block a day!

I'm going to make this one with all red and green fabrics, with white sashing (the same color combinations as this tree skirt I made).

Quilted tree skirt completed

It will be a Christmas quilt. I've always wanted a quilt dedicated to Christmas. What could be better to snuggle under on a snowy December day?

If I stick to the plan (I'm already three blocks behind - eeek) I'll have enough blocks for the quilt top by mid summer. Yippee!

If you'd like to keep tabs on our quilt along group, visit our Flickr page.

Update @ 9:30 pm
I have my first three blocks done! yay I'm in the game!


1 comment:

Stephanie D. said...

Sounds like a great idea--having a Christmas quilt ready in time to use for Christmas. Not a concept that's very familiar to me! lol