17 May 2009

You're getting sleepy ... very sleepy ...

There's a new show in town.

Mysteria dinner theater recently opened in Mandan, ND. They have snows ranging from hypnosis to comedy to illusion ... and some very tasty food.

Corey and I, and four friends went to Mysteria on Saturday evening. I had heard great things about it. So great, in-fact that I was worried my experience wouldn't live up to the reviews.

First, our dinner was delicious.

Second, the show was hilarious. Two of our friends, Mike and Eric volunteered to be hypnotized. Unfortunately they were unable to be fully hypnotized (the only two it didn't work for!). Apparently they are a bit too left brained. Regardless, the show had me in tears from laughing. There were so many funny parts ... too many to try to describe. Our friends Mike (right) and Eric (left) are the two dudes in the photo.

This was my first hypnosis show and I really had no idea what to expect, so I didn't volunteer to be hypnotized. After the show I regretted not being involved. I could tell I would have "gone under" very quickly. The hypnotist was good too - he didn't have them do anything too embarrassing to recover from.

After the snow the hypnotist did a small magic act and asked Corey to be one of two helpers. Turns out Corey had to gallop in place (on stage) while shuffling cards. It was pretty entertaining to say the least. That's Corey on the right, before the galloping began.

I can't wait to go back.


Anonymous said...

For the record, it was a very manly gallop...


Suzie said...

I'm Eric's older sister, Suzie. He sent the link to your blog post ... looks funny alright. How odd that both Mike & Eric didn't 'go under' hypnosis! I would imagine that's a little strange to be on stage amid those who are hypnotized.