10 May 2009

Our weekend in Kenmare

Corey and I spent the weekend with his family in Kenmare, ND (Corey's hometown). Kenmare is really close to the Canadian border ... about three hours north of Bismarck, ND. We had a great laid-back weekend of fun. Here is a little photo journey of our trip.

Corey's dad's new weather vane ... I think it forecasted snow.

Yep. Bummer. It snowed Saturday morning. This was not one of the more enjoyable moments of the weekend. Ha.

Maria and I tried our luck at scaring away (or killing) the blackbirds. Not much luck.

Since the weather wasn't great, we did our best to get their original Nintendo Entertainment System working. We got it operating long enough to play a few rounds of Super Mario Brothers. Such fun! 

Maria gave me a tour of the Kenmare movie theater. It has one movie screen and a really creepy basement.

Kenmare's signature dessert: the white buffalo. It's chocolate ice cream, marshmallow and peanuts. Delicious!

More indoor activities ... Maria and I made some fabric bracelets by wrapping (and gluing) some of my quilt scraps around cheap bangle bracelets. Just the right springtime accessory.

Corey and I got to sleep under this beautiful quilt. I was oohing over the beautiful 9-patches. And look at all that lovely white. I love all the vintage florals.

I had to take a photo of this well-loved 9-patch. This one is neat because of the use of solids on each block. It really adds a great look to it. Oh and I can't get enough of the polka dots. Lovely.

On our way back to Bismarck we stopped at this little charm of a gas station to meet up with one of Corey's friends. It's the only gas station in Donnybrook, ND. With one pump and very limited hours. Kinda cute, right? I thought so.

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