22 May 2009

Painting party 1.0

I have a feeling this was the first of what will be many panting parties in my life.

Katie and Natasha have had these parties in the past but this was a first for me. With canvases in hand, the three of us met at Katie's house Thursday evening. Katie's house sparks creativity just by being in it. So it was the perfect place to paint. Oh and the yard. It's amazing.

We painted in her back yard around a small bonfire. How cool is that?!

She even has a large carved wooden fish! I love it.

And Katie's got loads and loads of paint. And she's so generous letting us dive into it all.

I was so excited I could hardly contain myself.

Katie had fun "messing around" with paints on a scrap of canvas (I thought it was beautiful).

It evolved into what looked like waves and then a sail boat was added ... and eventually a dog too. It's improvisational painting - how fun!

Natasha brought a HUGE canvas and was working on getting a few layers of paint to create a nice background.

It was so neat to watch how the colors and textures changed with each added layer.

Using my old college art box of acrylics I got to work on a painting that I've been slowly working on for a few years now.

The painting is inspired by this doodle I made on the table cloth while eating at Pirogue. I liked it so much I tore it off and brought it home.

So here's my plan: I'm going to densely layer crosses on top of each other. I figure it's about 30 percent completed. I'd like to entirely cover the canvas so none of the background shows.

What do you think it looks like? crosses? people? x's? a quilt?

Speaking of quilts, I'd kinda like to make a quilt with a similar look. Or a series of paintings like this in all different colors - like one with black, white and red or with only red orange and pink or all blues.

... the day just isn't long enough for all my crazy ideas.

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