20 May 2009

Softball and WNDF: Giant's Sunflower Seeds

Corey's softball season is officially in full swing. They had their second week of games tonight. His team had softball last Wednesday too - but it was snowing, raining and very very cold. Miserable weather to be playing softball but they played through it.

Tonight was much better.

They won both games and celebrated with a few beers in the parking lot. Such a great preview of all the fun the three-day weekend will bring.

In honor of softball season starting, I stocked up on sunflower seeds.

Here's a plug for Giant's Sunflower Seeds. They come from Wahpeton, ND, (yay North Dakota!) and they are delicious. My favorite flavor is the BBQ ... but that bag is almost gone already so I took a photo of the dill pickle flavor, which is also quite good. I can't sit through a softball evening without a bag of seeds.

Can this be a WNDF (Weird North Dakota Food)? It's not necessarily weird, but it is from North Dakota. I'll make the executive decision that yes, it is a WNDF.

Sunflowers and North Dakota go hand in hand. Did you know that National Sunflower Association is located in Bismarck, ND? Yeah, so that was my random nerdy fact of the day.

Anyway, in the summer, Bismarck seems to be surrounded by a wall of the big yellow flowers. They really are huge. And so incredibly tall. Photo taken by me in August 2007

Alright so I have another fun nerdy fact for today - the ND Horizons Blog uses one of my sunflower photos for it's heading graphic. Check it out.

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Liz said...

Wait a second... DILL PICKLE-flavored sunflower seeds? I hereby deem that to be WNDF because of the odd flavoring. :-)