04 March 2009

Still Missing

Thomas Sattler (Corey's second cousin) is still missing - see image below. There was a report that he was spotted on the 101 freeway, directly two hours north of Santa Rosa, CA (my hometown). If anyone reading this is in or near Santa Rosa, please, please keep your eyes open for Thomas and his car (it should be easy to spot with North Dakota license plates). 

I can only imagine how hard this is for his family, here in North Dakota, wondering where their 16-year old son is, all the while praying that he is safe. It sounds like the police are doing what they can, but, according to an article in the Bismarck Tribune, "Police do not typically do large-scale searches for runaway juveniles unless they are labeled endangered or at risk, which Sattler is not."

A big public thank you to my mom and sister (my sister is on spring break and is visiting Santa Rosa this week). They printed off a bunch of flyers and have been distributing them to places like rest areas and campgrounds in Sonoma County. They've also forwarded the flyer to a friend in the highway patrol, who is passing it along. 

Thank you.

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