10 March 2009

North Dakota

Today was a big day for North Dakota.

We made headlines for our winter weather. Blizzards, lots of snow and frigid temperatures. It's March? Really? I'm 99 percent sure we had the coldest temperatures in the nation today, with highs near 0°F and windchill temperatures down to about -30°F. Burrr.

And tonight in sports news ... in its first year of eligibility, North Dakota State University (Corey's alma mater) is going to the men's NCAA basketball tournament. Way to go Bison! I especially like their mascot, surprise, surprise. Pick the Bison when picking your brackets for the tournament :)

TodayI found out that North Dakota is the only state to have never had an earthquake. This is only true when you factor in the age of the state and what magnitude of ground shaking qualifies as an earthquake. But, regardless, I find it to be a nice (and comforting) fact. I'll take blizzards in March if it means no earthquakes.

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