02 March 2009

A case of the Mondays

I've been knitting. 

This is going to be a scarf someday. 


I'm using the fancy schmancy yarn I talked about here. This is a multi-color, wool yarn. All wool. No acrylic stuff allowed. 

The pattern was originally cast on 26 stitches, then kit a few rows and then knit 2 purl 2, for two rows and then purl 2 knit 2, for two rows, and repeat the mixed rows. 

But just for fun, after a few (k2, p2/p2, k2) rows, I added a few rows of all knitting. However, now that I look back I wish I hadn't been so 'fun' and adventurous, as it really breaks up the waffle pattern. But I suppose I'll hardly notice it when it's finished and around my neck. I've had a few goof-ups ... mostly due to my bad memory, but (thankfully) no dropped stitches.

In quilting news, today I received my "you're in" letter from the Artists Celebrating Christ Art Show. Six Crosses will be on display from April 2-4, in Bismarck, ND. Read my archived post the quilt here. I'm pretty excited. Waiting for and opening the letter brought back memories of waiting for acceptance letters from colleges. I immediately felt very old.

I almost forgot to mention - I just posted a new Recipe over on BisonGirlCooks - Pork Wontons!

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Dionne said...

Your yarn is beautiful. That will be a lovely scarf someday. :-)