31 March 2009

North Dakota in the news

It's a big day when North Dakota makes national news. 

As I'm sure many of you have seen, North Dakota has been quite the a media darling lately. Too bad it's primarily about flooding and not something more cheery.

I've seen many of the news reports and through them all, there are two that stand out that I'd like to show off. Ironically, they both have CNN in common. The first is a documentary of what CNN found in Fargo, ND - a great story about the dedication and spirit of the people in Fargo. The second is a Daily Show segment that pokes fun on the CNN reporter in Fargo.

Happy viewing.

I just posted three more flood photos to this post. My friend Kara Speidel snapped the photos while helping sandbag homes in our neighborhood. Thanks Kara!

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