11 March 2009

Another day

There was a beautiful sunrise this morning. Beautiful, that is, if I was inside. Safe and warm. The frigid temperatures quickly ruined any beauty once I stepped outside to take this photo. It was -13°F and -33°F with windchill. It was darn cold. Especially for mid-March. I was lucky though, I only had to go outside twice today - first to get to work and secondly, to get home. 

I though for sure that there would be some fabulous sun dogs out today. But nope. No such luck.

Today after work, at work, I had my first session of yoga. A woman I work with was kind enough to share her knowledge of yoga with a few of us gals in the department. It was so much fun. I was happy to learn that I didn't have to twist my body into any crazy pretzel shapes ... or at least not yet. We'll be meeting every week through April. Once the weather gets nice enough to venture out of central heating, we may switch to some sort of activity outside. 'Till then, I'll be working on perfecting my lotus.

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