22 January 2009

Thursday round up

First things first ...

New recipe! I'm getting more adventurous in the kitchen - I threw a bunch of stuff together and created a great little recipe. check it out. I call it Man Quiche.

I whipped up a batch of my Raspberry Kuchen Bars last night and took them to work today. I think I made a lot of new friends. Seriously, they are that good. They tasted especially good because this time of year we're not eating much fruit so the raspberries tasted magical. (I used frozen raspberries from my bonus mom's garden).

Ragged squares quilted 1
I finished quilting the ragged squares quilt about an hour ago. It took some wrestling to get it quilted in the square design ... and I broke two sewing machine needles ... but though it all, I think it turned out nicely. 

Ragged squares quilted 2
Now to sew on the binding. That'll be a good weekend project. Here is the quilt pattern. This would be a great beginner quilt - It's fast, fun and easy. As always, I'm looking forward to getting it washed and krinkly. 

fabric fun 3
As I was finishing up I noticed how neat and tidy my fabric shelves looked. Time to show them off. Here they are in all their folded glory.

fabric fun 1
I've beefed up my green stack lately ... time for a green quilt maybe? Or to use the black/white/red pile on the bottom right? Decisions, decisions.

fabric fun 2
This little stack of blue is super cute.


Cami said...

This is a great pattern. I have it on my to make list but I haven't gotten to it yet. THe more of these I see the faster I want to get around to making mine. HOpefully soon. I can't wait to see it when it is all washed and crinkley. I say start with the green stack, I like those fabrics!

Maria said...

Erica, this quilt is really really cute! I love the colors and designs. Your pictures of your organized quilting shelves made me laugh--good job!

Kerri said...

your ragged square quilt looks great!! i've been wanting to do one since i saw it on crazy mom quilts blog!

your stash looks very lovely!!