24 January 2009

It's Saturday and I'm quilting

project improv. donation block
This block is another project that is part of the "project improv." Along with making a quilt that's pieced improvisationally, we all are making a quilt block that will be a part a charity quilt. I signed up for a red/aqua block. Here it is. It's another one made with all scraps. It measures 10.5 inches square. I'm really happy with it. After I get more red and aqua scraps I want to make a quilt like this for myself.

work in progress - red, white, black quilt
I started this project today. It's definitely a work in progress. These blocks aren't even done yet. This is what improv.-style quilt blocks look like when they are being made and before they are trimmed. Really scrappy. I hope they don't look too busy. Maybe I'll add some white like the block above? Border every-other block in white? Or border them all with white? Any advice?


Rosa said...

I love the red and aqua. The piece is very lovely with all the bits and pieces in the mix. I can't wait to see your red and aqua quilt that you've planned.

Kerri said...

love, love, love the red and aqua block too! i think adding some white sashing would make the red and black ones really pop out too! i love white sashing, you can never go wrong with adding white!!! :) i'm sure what ever you do though, will be lovely!

Nichole said...

i really like the black and red. i think it would look great with white on every other block. i always thought the every other block of white on this quilt gave it a nice added dimension: http://crazymomquilts.blogspot.com/2008/09/baby-log-cabin-quilt.html

quilting forum said...

The red color looks so amazing.

Bison Girl said...


Nichole - what a coincidence - that's the quilt I was "eyeing" to mimic with the white border on every-other block.