01 January 2009

Show and tell

In browsing through some recent photos on my computer I realized I have lots for show and tell.
oven mits by me
Oven mits given as Christmas gifts. Patten from here. They match the aprons I made earlier this year.
Flowers in the kitchen
These aprons are awesome and super cute! Apron pattern from here.
Asian Springtime quilt
This is a golden oldie quilt I completed in 2003 'ish' I call it Asian Springtime. It's actually four quilts of the same pattern (40x40"), arranged two by two, to made a large (80x80") quilt.

Grandma Katy's quilt
I just finished this one mid-December to give to my Grandma Katy for Christmas. See the work in progress here.
Grandma Katy's quilt label
Grandma Katy's quilt quilting

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