26 January 2009

It's the simple things.

tangerines from mom
I like simple things. Like getting a box of fresh tangerines in the mail from my mom. There are few things in this world as tasty as fresh tangerines from my parent's backyard tree (in the dead of winter in North Dakota). I lost count, but I think I had six today. Thanks, mom!

basement fireplace
A warm fire on a cold day. I'm so very thankful for our basement fireplace to keep me warm when I'm working in my sewing room. It's another cold day here, it was -17°F when we were having breakfast this morning. In case you were wondering, no, I don't play chess, nor do I know how to set up a chess board. I just like how it looks.

improv. blocks - red/black 2
Yippee for progress on the improv.-pieced red/black/white quilt. I decided to add white to set off the blocks. Every-other block will have a white border. The other blocks will also have pieces of white in them. The blocks are 9.5 inches square. I'm happy with how they look. I was rather nervous about this whole "just wing it" quilt method but after adding the white, I really like it.

I'm still not done with the binding on the ragged squares quilt ... maybe tonight? I've half-way done ... I should get busy.


Brooke said...

Yum! Tangerines! Do your parents live near you? We have an orange tree in our backyard that makes more oranges than we can keep up with. Our friends like it LOL. I can't believe how incredibly cold it is there!! How do you survive? This morning it was 34 when I left the house and I decided that was enough!

Cami said...

I love your project improv quilt progress, it looks amazing and I can't wait to see it finished.

Bison Girl said...

Hey brooke :) my parents still live in Santa Rosa, so nope, nowhere near us. I don't think a tangerine tree would survive here very long. How do we survive - lots of warm clothes and hot chocolate :) haha.

Thanks Cami!

Kristen said...

Your improv blocks look awesome. I feel your pain of the cold I am in South Dakota and it was -10 this morning.

Nichole said...

i think the white borders were a nice addition. this is going to be a great looking quilt!