13 January 2009

85 and sunny

... or the exact opposite.

Another crazy winter day here in Bismarck, ND.
We've received at least six more inches (probably more now that I think of it) of snow today. It's hard to tell exactly how much we got because it blew around and piled up awkwardly.

Because of the drifts of snow and wind blowing the snow into the air (causing very limited visibility) we got to leave work early today - yay for snow afternoons. But that's where the fun ends. It is still snowing. When will it stop?!? We've already made national news for the last few days in-a-row. I've heard of people that have to shovel off the roof of their house for fear it will collapse. Good thing the snow seems to just blow right off our roof. I doubt Corey or I would ever dare to shovel our roof off. yeah. nope.

I think I'm about to lose my mind.
Do you know what cabin fever is? I'm pretty sure I'm on the verge of having a very serious case of it.

Not the scary demented "Shining" kind of cabin fever ... the restless, sleepy, funny, goofy kind. (for the record). ha.

... as proof of my serious "condition" ... I just accidently posted this entry in my Bison Girl Cooks blog ... woopsie daisy :)

---- UPDATE ---- 
Bismarck received over five inches of snow today for a total of over 53 inches this season. Also on the news, a story on winter depression and the risk of drinking at home, alone (death). Seriously, people, I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. Winter here this year is out of this world.

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