28 January 2010

Quilts are for cuddling

This blog is in response to the many questions I've received (both as comments to the last post and in real life) regarding why on earth I would hang a quilt on a wall – I assume, as opposed to using it in the crib.

First I must mention that I'm a very firm believer that quilts are for cuddling. That's why all the quilts I've ever made are completely machine washable, and plenty large enough for cuddling (except for this one).

But ... baby quilts are a whole different story. From what I've read, babies should not sleep with blankets, pillows, crib bumpers, or quilts due to an increased risk of SIDS (due to suffocation). As the paranoid first-timer that I am, I'm definitely going to follow the "no blanket in the crib" recommendation. So using it in the crib is out.

I could use the quilt as a play mat ... but I already made one of those. And since I've been a quilter for about 14 years, we have plenty of other quilts in the house to use for play mats.

I hope to take the quilt off the wall and let our baby use it when she gets a bit older (and can use the quilt as a quilt). But until then, I think it makes for some nice wall art.


Nichole said...

it makes me sad that people made some rather disrespectful comments about hanging the quilt on the wall. anonymously even!

i think it looks so great hung on the wall above the crib. your nursery is beautiful and the quilt is such a warm and homey work of art to display.

Vicki said...

you might want to look into getting a fan for the room where the baby will sleep. http://children.webmd.com/news/20081006/sleeping-with-fan-may-lower-sids-risk

this news came out right before my preemie daughter was born and we've used a small fan while she sleeps for her whole life. :)

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

We each have to make decisions for ourselves and our family that is right for us. It's OK to be curious about your choices but they should do it in a respectful way.

I love that you have the quilt on the wall. A baby needs something to look at to help stimulate them. They will get plenty of cuddle time with Momma. Maybe as they grow a bit they will use their quilt as a take everywhere and drag all around the house quilt. There is always car rides, TV time, and fort building. I'm sure it will get plenty of use.

My youngest son (10) loved to have a few different blankies. He always kept his favorite in the refrigerator. He liked the coolness against his face.

Jessica said...

you are right. No blankies in the crib. That's not just a paranoid first-timer rule.

The crib will be a perfect bedspread when she is old enough to move to a toddler bed (just like yours is for Gianna).


Love the nursery! I keep bragging to all of my friends about how crafty you are.

Stephanie said...

Erica, this quilt along with all the others you have made are works of art. I would cover all my walls with them!