21 January 2010

Knotted baby caps

These knotted baby hats have got to be one of the fastest things to sew - the only downside is that they require cotton knit fabric, which is very different from my stash of quilt fabric (cotton knit fabric has a stretch that quilt fabric does not have). The stretch makes the caps more comfy and snug on the baby's noggin.

I had a hard time finding a pattern or tutorial for these, so I'm trying to make my own. Of course, I'll share it when it's done :)

My favorite cap (so far) is this one with pig-tail double knots.

They can also be tied together. Neat.

It'd be quite helpful if I had a real baby head to try these on.


On another note, if you like sloppy joe sandwiches, I have delicious recipe from my grandma to share.

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