17 January 2010

Booties for the baby

Aren't these the cutest little shoes?!

I made these with fabric scraps! Wow! I love baby projects.

The shoes have a faux sherpa/faux suede sole (the fabric is called bonded fleece). So the baby's foot rests on the fuzzy sherpa and the suede adds some extra padding to the sole (I covered the suede in purple fabric but you could leave it showing for a bit of traction). They are fully lined and washable.

The shoes are 0-6-month size, so they "should" fit for quite a while.

I will definitely make more! Check out the gallery of booties on Flickr.

Note about bonded fleece fabric: It's very hard to find. The pattern recommends getting it at Joann's - but I was told that they discontinued it a few years ago. The name is rather deceiving, so don't bother asking for it at the craft store. Look for faux sherpa (fuzzy white) on one side, with faux suede on the other side. After searching every large chain fabric store in town, I finally found it at a local store. If you are interested in buying some of mine, leave me a comment and let me know. It sure "makes" the shoes.

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