27 December 2008

More snow and new fabric.

Adding to my collection
Yesterday Joann's fabric store marked down their (already reduced) clearance fabric by 50 percent. Which means that the fabric I was looking at that was normally $8-9 per yard was now only $1.50 per yard. For someone who is a fabric junkie, this is a big deal. Not saying I am or anything. That's beside the point. 

So I happened to be in the store ... and figured I'd browse the racks. Wow did I find a lot nice fabric. I piled my cart high and headed to the cutting table. I think I got the best cutter in the store. I bought no less than 1/2 yard of most of the fabric and 1 yard of the ones I really liked. The fabric cutter lady (my hero) noticed that many of the bolts of fabric were almost gone, so if there was less that one yard remaining after my cut, she gave it to me for an additional 50 percent off (that would be 75 cents per yard!!!). Yes, that deserved three exclamation points.

So here is my pile of new fabric - all for under 35 bucks (including one new spool of thread). Awesome. Also in the photo are a few of my Christmas gifts - a new 24x36 inch rotary cutting board, Quilts of Gee's Bend book, and Retro Stitching embroidery pattern book. Time to get sewing!

I should also mention that I do prefer quilt shop fabric over Joann's Fabric and Craft store fabric, but I just couldn't pass up this deal. The fabric is not quilt shop quality but I was impressed with it's softness and color. I think it will hold up quite nicely.

Sunrise snow fall
I've been trying to not write too much about the weather, but I just have to. We got another 5 inches of snow last night. We woke up to the soft hum of snow blowers this morning. We don't own one and our neighbors know that, so they offered to clear our driveway and sidewalks for us. how fortunate we are to have such kind neighbors. 

Morning work out
Since snow blowers are made for large, straight, flat areas, Corey shoveled off our porch and walk way to the porch. Much more manageable than the drive way!

With the new snowfall, we're thinking today would be a great day for sledding.


Don Hendricks said...

Bison Girl,

Here's a first for me. I enjoyed your Flickr page and stopped by your blog. I got a Canon Xsi for Christmas and am using Flickr to get techniques. As a permanently transplanted Arizonon, by amazement at your winters is real.

Happy New Year

Willow Lake Stitches said...

All, I can say, is "girl, did you ever SCORE at JoAnn's" ! Lucky you to have one in town. However, I did some internet JoAnn's scoring a couple weeks ago, 50% off and free shipping so I was proud of that ! ( I bought a roll of Warm and natural batting and some Debbie Mumm Christmas fabric and another rotary cutter). I think I also got an extra $30 off, but that could have been for another order from them too . . . anyway. . . I was happy.

Looking forward to checking out your blog,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

from another ND girl, Beth

Brooke said...

I love that picture of the snow out your window! How different to live somewhere where you actually have a winter. I can't imagine! I think you're lucky. We're taking the girls to the snow in April but of course we have to drive all the way to Tahoe! Love your sledding video too :)