23 December 2008

Merry Christmas!

Starting tomorrow morning we'll be in a two-day whirlwind of family Christmas celebrations, yummy food, games, gifts and memory-making.

Actually we've been in a whirlwind of fun already for a week ... starting with my parents visiting and staying with us last weekend and then Corey's Aunt stayed with us last night before her flight back home to Washington. It was great to have so many special guests in one week to the Hager Hotel. And to answer your question Dad, we don't honor Hilton Honors points. In food news, my uncle Bob served up some unbelievably good ribs on Sunday night. I'll see if I can bribe him for the recipe so I can post it here.

Congratulations to my good friends, Jessica and Justin and their new baby boy, Connor born on Friday - and thanks, Jessica for the phone call today :) always fun to catch up with long-distance friends. 

I'll return to the blog world on Friday with lots of photos and Christmas updates. We might go pheasant hunting this weekend - a first for me. I think that will yield some great blog-worthy material. ha.

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