21 December 2008

4 days 'till Christmas!

Sertoma Park Christmas Lights
Are you ready?

We are!
Christmas Tree Lane lights
We made it out to look at Christmas lights. Caitlyn, Chaz, Corey, me, Mom and Dad all piled into my car and we made the trek around town. It was chilly and our windows kept frosting over but it was so much fun.

Holiday Nog
We've been enjoying Holiday Nog ... kept cold the good 'ol North Dakota way – stuck in a snow bank out the back door.

Cookies are baked and decorated.

Snow keeps falling.

Gifts are under the tree.

Christmas parties are in full swing.

Parents are in town (Grandma Katy arrives Tuesday).

I've been a busy bee finishing up my homemade gifts (will be blogged after Christmas).

Only two days of work are between us and Christmas.

Let the fun begin!

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Andrea said...

Hi Erica,

Lucky you! Just wanted to let you know that you one Parker the Piano at www.blahblahbabycakes.com

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