23 June 2009

Painting, softball, and an ouch

I've got two paintings in progress right now. Both are pictured above and both are "cross" projects. I'm trying out canvas boards for the first time. Compared to stretched canvas over a frame, this is basically just canvas stuck to a flat board. So far so good. Plus, they are less expensive.


Starting Friday evening, Corey will be playing America's largest non-profit, one weekend, slow pitch softball tournament - and also one of Bismarck's busiest times of the year. That's right - it's McQuade's weekend. I'll be appearing as the loyal scorekeeper and photographer. Stay tuned for a recap.

If any of my friends or family want to join me in the bleachers and cheer on the team, leave me a comment and I'll let you know when and where they are playing.


Weak stomach warning:
I had a bit of a kitchen accident yesterday. Basically I was doing something dumb. And then slipped. And the pairing knife I was using went into my thumb, right under the thumb nail. And then came out about half way to my cuticle. It cut my finger along my nail too.

It hurt.
But in all honesty, it actually sounds worse than it feels. In fact, it doesn't hurt much today. Certainly not as bad as I'd think it should hurt. According to on of the nuns/nurses I work with, I most likely damaged the nerve. That explains the lack of pain.

Any bets on when/if my nail will fall off? or when my thumb nail will look "normal" again?

If you are brave, click here to see it.


Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

I just had to click over and take a look at your wound. Ouch! It doesn't look as bad as I imagined. It does look painful though. It always surprises me how long it actually takes to either lose your nail or to have it grow out past the wound.

Nichole said...

ouch! sorry to hear about your thumb! i hope it heals quickly.

i really like your paintings, though! :)

Don Hendricks said...

I have been telling your story all day, and just grossed out my wife with the pic. My secretary heard it and then showed me a bandage on the palm. Seems she had halved an avacodo, and was holding the other half to stab the seed, and the knife went through the seed like butter and into her palm. BE CAREFUL IN THE KITCHEN!!!!