07 June 2009

42 down

Tomorrow, Monday, April 8, marks the 42nd day of the one-a-day 9-patch quilt along.

DSC_3689 copy
Here are the week six blocks.

I wanted to see all 42 blocks together to see how well they all get along.

So far so go, I think. In the finished quilt, I will alternate the blocks so the primarily red/green blocks will be every-other (red, green, red, green ...). As you can see in this photo, I accidently had a few green blocks in a row. oops.

Each of the blocks will be sashed in white.

Think it has a Christmas look to it?

Speaking of Christmas, it snowed here yesterday. It never stuck to the ground, but there was definitely frozen stuff falling from the sky. A town less than an hour west of here had three inches of snow. Remind me again, is it really June?


Anonymous said...

you are a very dedicated quilter, i am so jealous.

jaybird said...

snow! oh my.. we just had lots of rain last week.

Cheryl Arkison said...

We had snow too... just sad. We escaped to Banff, at least the snow didn't seem out of place there.

Kirstin said...

We had snow on the weekend too and the mountains to the west were white. Summer is way too short...