16 June 2009

And then there were 49

quilt along
Somehow I finished another seven blocks this week, bringing my total to 49. So if I wanted to, I could stop now and have a 7 blocks by 7 blocks, square quilt. 
Nope, I think I'll stick with the group and keep going. I want a big, snugly, cozy Christmas quilt.


In weather news ... it rained all day. We got another two to three inches of rain but so far we're still dry, thank goodness. Many roads were flooded and some manhole covers were popping up - apparently that's really dangerous. I hope to never experience a popping manhole cover.


Heather said...

I love the one with the large scale red and white print.

Anonymous said...

doesn't snuggly have to Gs?

Bison Girl said...

Actually, snugly only has one g.