26 February 2009

WNDF returns with peanut candy corn

WDNF is back!

On my old blog, I had a feature called WNDF - Weird North Dakota Food. 

What does that mean? Is North Dakota food weird? Yes. Sometimes. 
In the past, some of the featured food included: fleischkuekle, creamed pheasant, and scotcharoo bars. I'll move those posts over here this weekend, but to hold you over, here's a new one.

This may be more of a Weird University of Mary Food (of those there are many ... oy). My coworker, Jerry brought this in to work today. It's a really simple thing - it's just a 50/50 mix of salted peanuts and candy corn. 

I should mention that prior to today, I hated candy corn. I avoided them like the plague. But when they are combined with salted peanuts, something magical happens.

Don't they look irresistible?


Have no fear, I've been told candy corn are available all year!


Anonymous said...

I have another one to add to the "WNDF" list...mayo on a meatball sub!


ReNay said...

That reminds me... The classic ND sandwich growing up. Cloverdale tangy summer sausage with Miracle Whip on white bread. MMM still sounds good! (I would add a few jalapenos)

Vicki said...

I was told this tastes like some peanut candybar... Payday. Yum!