27 February 2009

WNDF: fleischkuekle

fleischkuekle 2

This is the first of many Weird North Dakota Food (W.N.D.F.) entries. Is North Dakota food weird? Sometimes. Like this for example: fleischkuekle. What in the world is that, you ask?

According to Wikipedia (yes, it’s in Wikipedia, so it must be real): Fleischkuekle is a type of meat pie made with flat bread, similar to a Cornish pasty, or Russian vareniki. The dish is traditional German Russian recipe, and through immigration became an addition to the Cuisine of North Dakota.

Here’s a close-up of the ready-to-eat felischkuekle:
fleischkuekle 1

My aunt Kristen (photo above with my uncle Bob) really likes it and was kind enough to help us make it last week. We eat it with ketchup. It’s definitely no diet meal, but it’s pretty tasty. If you live in the Bismarck-Mandan area, you can usually get pre-made, ready to fry fleischkuekle at the Cloverdale Foods Country Store.

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Anonymous said...

Fleischkuekle is awesome -- it is best if you bite the top off the pastry and fill it up with catsup/ketchup pick your spelling I wish you had posted a recipe

Susan said...

my mother's parents came to Hebron, ND from Germany. She lived in the Hazen, Bismarck area all her life. Mom used to make these for us(her kids) for every BD party and all the kids LOVED them. - I hadn't made them for years but I have started a tradition with my kids of making them for Christmas eve and they won't let me get by with turkey or anything else!!! Memories!! Happy Holidays.