15 February 2010

Onesie dress

This weekend I made a onesie dress with this tutorial. The tutorial is completely customizable for size and style - super fun. The onesie is completely intact under the skirt, so it will fit nicely without any bunching.

If you think the skirt looks like an old sheet, you're right! This was a test project so I didn't want to "waste" any of my other fabric. As it turns out, I really like it.

More to come!


Anonymous said...

I think your blog is fantastic. You are so talented! All of the things that you make are adorable. Thanks!
Rachel in AK

Jessica said...

You are so crafty! And that is gorgeous. She is going to be the best-dressed girlie around.

And that fabric looks great. Never would have guessed it was a sheet. I love re-purposing!

WNK said...

That is so cute! I'm bookmarking this for when/if we have a girl someday ;)

Ally said...

Oh mylanta. SO cute! And it'll be so nice for this summer. An easy outfit!

Vicki said...

Adorable! I'm excited to make my girl a new t-shirt/charm pack dress this spring. :)

connie said...


Love the dress, and the booties!

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Thank you,
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Amy said...

Too cute, I must try to whip one up for my little gal.

Sarah said...

Oh wow, that is so cute! I love the skirt fabric... I am defintely making some of these for my daughter!

Sophie said...

Wow! This is so cute! Amazing job, and amazing blog. Thanks for sharing!