12 July 2010

Back and Better Than Ever

I'm back!
After nearly five months of blogging hiatus, I'm officially back.

Since my last blog I have been a bit busy. Here is a rundown:
1. sold our house
2. managed the building of our new house
3. had a beautiful baby (and my life is forever better because of her)
4. moved most of our belongings into storage
5. moved into a temporary apartment
6. quit my job
7. started my own freelance graphic design business

It has been a wonderful five months.

Now, a small task for all my loyal readers out in cyberspace:
Please change your blog readers and favorites links for my blog to: http://bisongirl.blogspot.com
I'll be back with new projects and creations very soon.

In the next few days, www.bisongirl.com will become the home of my new freelance business – Bison Girl Design. There will be a link from the new site back here to the blog. Please stop in for a visit!

1 comment:

Don said...

I thought having a baby was a full task. Congratulations and all your changes and your new home business.