05 February 2010

Booties for the baby part 2

I made another pair of booties for the baby. Apparently I was a bit distracted (pregnancy brain anyone?!) and I forgot to use fusible interfacing. All parts of the shoe should have been fused with lightweight interfacing.

The photo above is the uninterfaced pair after washing and drying. The result of not using interfacing is a much softer shoe and the elastic gathers the fabric tighter.

Here is the pair of booties I previously made (with interfacing) ...

Although both pairs of booties are very soft and look extremely comfy, the interfaced shoes look and feel much sturdier – more like a "shoe" versus a "slipper."

I'm not sure which design I like best. It would certainly help if I had a baby to actually use these shoes so I could decide based on fit. Less than eight weeks and I'll (most likely) have a little product tester of my own :)


Ally said...

Super cute bunny fabric! Baby shoes are notorious for not staying on, so maybe the bunny ones will stay on a little better? In any case, they are adorable.

LASS said...

These are so stinking cute!!!

Valerie said...

Where ever did you get such cute fabric?? I want some!! I'm smitten - those shoes are THE cutest ♥