26 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Tracking snow into the house is so much more fun when my boots make cool snowflake shapes!

We definitely had a white Christmas this year, thanks to a blizzard and over 13 inches of new snow. Because of the wind, the snow drifted in huge piles. When those piles are in the road, it makes for some crazy driving.

Thankfully, we were able to safely make it to see all our family.


Now that Christmas is over I'm in full baby nesting mode – I can't believe I'm just a few days away from starting the third trimester! Yikes!
Stay tuned for projects and photos.

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Anonymous said...

THIS is so crazy- so im sure i'll sound crazy but- My husband and I are from Kansas..and we lived in North Dakota for a year last year..Bismarck..we ran title for an oil company all over the state..reading your blog it was crazy- we worked in KENMARE where you listed, we go to the Oar, we loved the river. Anyway- we arent there anymore- as oil dropped and we lost our jobs and are back in Kansas..BUT...my GOOD friend Trisha lives there still, and her and her husband are SO awesome and sweet..reading your blog made me think of her and Dustin.

She does photography and design, she's awesome creative. Im sure I sound crazy- but check her blog out- its under sad circumstances-they lost a baby a year ago, so thats what her one blog is about..but you should get ahold of her- i know you'd hit it off..

Heres my blog:

and heres hers:

and her photography one:

Katie Cotten

*Do you live ON the river? My boss Steve Pine just built a huge mansion on the Mandan side, corner lot.