06 December 2009

Plaid things to keep your neck warm

Today I made three scarves loosely based on this tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew (yet another one of my favorite bloggers).

A few differences:
- I bought plaid suiting fabric (clearance at Joann's) rather than homespun fabric. Suiting is much thicker and softer.
- I doubled up the scarf fabric to both hide the lengthening seam and double the warmth since it's already very cold here in North Dakota (lows dipping down to zero!)
- I only had frayed all lengths of the scarf on one of the three scarves, the other two just have frayed ends. I found that although fraying give it a super cool look, it also makes quite a mess.
- My scarves are slightly shorted, measuring about 70 inches long (still plenty long enough to double up and wrap around my neck)

I bought two yards of suiting fabric and was able to make three scarves, thanks to it being wider than traditional quilt (or in this case, homespun) fabric. Awesome.

I machine washed and dried all three - they survived, frayed a bit, and softened up very nicely.



Allison said...

Thank you for sharing and for stopping by and saying hello! -Allison

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for my scarf! You are very thoughtful...and talented! Hope you are having a great time Mexico! - Megan