23 August 2009

Christmas in August

This weekend I finished the nine-patch (one-a-day quilt-along) top. If you recall from a while back, I chose mine to be red and green - a Christmas quilt.


It's much larger than I imagined it would be ... 66x90 inches ... about twin-size. It's also much more appealing than I imagined - I really do like the red/green combination - and all the white!


I'm still deciding what to do about the back and quilting. To send to a long-arm quilter or attempt this myself?


Sorry for the crummy photos - today I learned the hard way that hanging a quilt top on a clothesline, in the wind, is a sure way to severely fay the quilt's edges. All while not get any decent photos. Darn.


Jessica said...

That is is pretty. I love the border.

Heather said...

Very nice. And you got it done before Christmas!

rainylakechick said...

I love that you did your's in red and green! Now I'm envious I hadn't thought of that. Not that I don't need another Christmas quilt project. I've got two in the works!

Marianne Penner Design said...

Your nine patch quilt is absolutely gorgeous!

Doreen Baros said...

You've done a great job on your nine patch quilt. Won't it be great to cuddle up under this winter?

Doreen Baros said...

Congratulations on completing your nine patch quilt. I looks great. Won't it be wonderful to cuddle up under this winter?

badlandsquilts said...

Saw your post on flickr and had to stop to leave a comment (since I went to NDSU years ago).

The quilt looks great, I am not surprised by the wind...it never stops in ND.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Love the quilt.