17 August 2009

Turning a skirt into a clothespin bag

This summer we installed a retractable clothes line in our backyard. With every clothes line comes a need for clothespins and a laundry basket. I quickly discovered that loose clothespins in a laundry basket equals lost clothes pins (they fell out of the holes in the laundry basket and hid in the laundry).

I was in dire need of a container or bag to hold my clothespins.
I also happened to have a too small and mustard-stained skirt to dispose of.

Combine the two and viola.

Clothespin bag from old skirt!

I cut the skirt at the back seam so it was one long rectangular piece of fabric. I cut a rectangular shape along the bottom hem, keeping the hem intact (the turquoise and green ribbon). I sewed (right sides together) along the bottom and right side of bag. Then ironed flat. Done. Super fast and easy.

Now my clothes pins are tidy and happy (and very cute).

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