21 July 2009

WNDF: Big Boy

Today's Weird North Dakota Food feature spotlights Big Boy. Bismarck's Big Boy restaurant is a local attraction. It's a drive-thru-only restaurant, with a few picnic tables out back. There always seems to be a line, but it's so worth it.


The menu is quite lengthy for a drive-thru, and to someone who's never been there - would probably be very confusing.

I highly recommend the pizza burger flying style, and fries with gravy. Flying style is basically two pieces of white bread, grilled in a sandwich maker.

To my understanding (and from my own research) I believe that the pizza burgers flying style and the fries with gravy are a local specialty, not available at other Big Boy restaurants.

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Nichole said...

now there are gobs of big boys here in michigan, but i can't say that any of them are drive thrus or that they have a pizza burger flying style. interesting.