17 July 2009

Starting with A


I have an idea. It's in the ... how should I say ... ummm ... very very very beginning stage.

My goal is to find the hidden letters A through Z in my surroundings in life – at work, at home, in town, etc. I found my first letter today and by chance it is A. It's the side of a chair at work.

Once I get the better part of the alphabet finished, I will be able to spell things with the letters. Oh yes, I think this will be fun.

What letters are you surrounded by?


Anonymous said...

I have done some of these photos to spell out names or last names as gifts and it's been really fun. I just don't have the patience to do all the letters of the alphabet. There are some websites that I got cool ideas from out there too.... good luck! Kristan

Nichole said...

i am actually starting to do that as well! i think it will be fun to try to find all of the letters to give them as personalized gifts to people. good luck! :)

Jessica said...

Didn't you get one of those for your wedding? That thing was awesome.

Anonymous said...

This is so fun! I did this a few weeks ago with my kids at the park - finding items to spell out my son's name.


I have also done this as a gift as well for family using items found around their lake home.