14 July 2009

Lots of green

My little green plumbs are getting larger. I think I have four. Doesn't seem like much but compared to not having any in the past years, I'm very excited about them.

The hydrangea is blooming and has the prettiest dark green leaves (and wow, such beautiful purple and blue flowers).

Last night my mom treated us to "taco truck" tacos. Complete with homemade guacamole. Here are the toppings.

Here is a ready-to-eat "taco truck" taco. If you're not familiar with them, a "taco truck" taco is something that is served in my hometown (and many cities) out of the side of a truck. They are an open-face corn tortilla, topped with meat (beef, pork of chicken), sauteed green onions, cilantro, fresh lime juice, radish, and salsa. Delicious.

We decided we needed a bit more green ... so my mom and I painted a wall in our living room.

Here it is completed. I am still amazed at what a difference a gallon of paint makes. We also did some minor furniture moving, but didn't purchase anything new. Sorry for the crooked photo, it was the only way I could include my favorites in the room.

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jacquie said...

it's amazing what a little paint will do!!! love the green.