13 September 2009

Keepin' it clean

I made four more bibs this weekend.

Two with camping/bugs. I cut the fabric wrong, so one ended up with an orange stripe through the camping fabric. I kinda like it with the extra flair.

And I made two with caterpillars and green with polka dots.

This baby is going to be clean!


Nichole said...

you're definitely going to be well stocked in the bib department!

Anonymous said...

Hi Erica & Corey--Hope Great Grandma Rene will be getting some of those cute bibs!!We are so excited about another FIRST in our family. We have enjoyed Parker so much and now we know how much we missed by not having you and Caitlyn close by when you were growing up. WE ARE READY! Love G.Grandma Rene

kris said...

OMG! Are those Cole's bibs? He loves them, but his neck is so fat that he may outgrow it soon. HE'S REALLY BIG FOR HIS AGE!