07 November 2008

A new recipe and snow totals

Total rain fall = almost one inch
Total snow fall = over 9 inches
Total muscle soreness from shoveling the ice and snow = priceless

food that heals the body: Pumpkin Spice chocolate Chip Muffins

Sooooo good. yum. I maze one batch of these this morning (so I could give a few to my neighbor for helping us clear our driveway) and then I ate a few and brought a few to work and poof, I'm already down to four. I might have to make another batch soon. Get the (SUPER EASY) recipe here. I've been slowly moving my recipes over from the "old" site. They will now live at this site. Once the page is more complete I'll post a nice big link on this Bison Girl Blog site.


I'm already off work for today ... nice short snow day of work :)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for shoveling and for baking muffins, dear. I'm greatly looking forward to eating your delicious treats :)