05 November 2008

First snow

If all goes as forecasted, we're in for one heck of a storm. We are in a blizzard warning but I guess you could call the weather right now, the "calm before the storm." We had some drizzly rain today and some fog ... but whoa is that going to change. Here's our forecast (late afternoon would be right now):
The tricky thing about this forecast is the rain/snow part. Rain on the ground will freeze if it gets too cold, which then will be ice. ack! ice. I hate driving on ice. Looks like I'm in for an interesting drive to work tomorrow. If we do get lots of snow (6-12 inches are forecasted) I promise I will take lots of photos, so check back. I can't wait to see what kind of weather I wake up to tomorrow.

If we do get all that snow and if it's really windy, we'll be in a blizzard. I've never been in a blizzard. If all goes right ... or I guess wrong, this could get interesting.

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