05 November 2009

Recent reading: pregnancy book review


This is my pregnancy book library. I think I got lucky in that I very much enjoy all my books - some more than others but I'm glad I have each one for specific reasons.

I'll start from the right.

I could write a whole blog about this single book. It is definitely my favorite pregnancy book. It's not one for specific "how big is baby this week" or "this month's symptoms" ... rather it's about the history and culture of child birth. One of my favorite historical tales is the one about why it's the norm for a woman to labor on her back. If you have any interest in child birth, this is a must read. As an added bonus, the author was my childhood pediatrician.

Of all the books, this one I could probably have done without. I have definitely enjoyed reading it but it didn't add a whole lot, other than enjoyment. It's a humorous "I've so been there" look at pregnancy and the many symptoms involved. A fun read, but not super informative.

These two books are quite similar so I decided to lump them together. If you had to buy only one, I'd go with the Mayo Clinic Guide. But having said that, I'm very glad I have both. Both of the books have the nitty gritty pregnancy and baby details, what to watch for red flags, and dos and don'ts. The Mayo Guide has a very helpful chart for each month that details symptoms, when to contact a doctor, and when not to worry about it. I love these charts - so far they've been very helpful with putting my concerns to rest (especially in the first few months or when I'm ill). The Your Pregnancy book has become my weekly go-to when I want to read about pregnancy but am all caught up with my other books. Since there are a few pages dedicated to each week, I always have something new to read (very helpful and reassuring the first few months). It also has very detailed photos of the baby each week - priceless!


happy reading :)


Jessica said...

If you decide you want a tell-all hilarious book about pregnancy and childbirth you should read "Belly Laughs" by Jenny McCarthy. It's a quick read-I read it in an afternoon. And just funny.

Definitely not a textbook-just something to check out from the library.

Jessica said...

Oh, sorry. One more thing: Now is also the perfect time to start checking out parenting books (if you are interested). If there are any methods that you were dying to read about or just curious about, you'll probably have more time now than later :)

I like the Sears books and LOVE the Brazelton books.

Anonymous said...

What to expect when you're expecting is missing from your list.

Cheryl Arkison said...

Can I suggest two more. Not pregnancy books, per se, but excellent for this time and the changes that will come.

The Birth House by Ami MacKay. This is a novel about a midwife in rural Nova Scotia during the first world war. It is storytelling at its best.

Babyproofing your Marriage. I cannot recommend this enough. Having a baby is the biggest challenge to your relationship and this book helped both my Hubby and I get some perspective on the stress that children bring.

Bison Girl said...

Thanks for all the great suggestions! Lucky for me, our local library has most of them :)

badlandsquilts said...

I have an older version of the Mayo Clinic book and loved it... I use there online guides for fever, coughs, etc. now that the boys are older (3&7)

Anonymous said...

Read Pushed By Jennifer Block and anything by Ina May Gaskin....educate yourself on childbirth and don't be cowed into doing everything your OB says you should. Best wishes on your pregnancy and birth! :)