29 October 2008

Show and Tell

Where I come from

Show and tell day!

This quilt was on display where I work as part of a "The Other Work We Love," gallery display. I also was showing an apron and another, larger quilt.

It occurred to me that I haven't ever shown this quilt on my blog before. 
Here's the story:
This quilt was finished quite a few years ago - in 2005. I Made it with old family photos from my mom's mom's side. In fact, the center photo is one of my great grandparent's wedding photos - Helen and Carl Hoesel. It's one of my favorite photos - ever. I made this quilt for my grandma the summer of our annual family reunion. The blue represents the sky, the green the prairie and the photos make up the horizon – rolling just like the North Dakota prairie where they settled, a long time ago.

I'm starting anew quilt tonight! It's so darn exciting for me. I may even post a work in progress photo soon.

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Where I Come From 2

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